Mamma mia here we go again…..

One day last summer, Dad (aka Chairman of the village hall) called upon my help for advertising the hall and trying to get more people interested in using the hall for events. Of course I said yes, not only would this help with my portfolio of work (when I was still looking for media based jobs) but also keep me going with media projects.

Soooooo, off he trotted to the next committee meeting and appeared back home with the wonderful news that I was to become the Secretary! A little daunted, I accepted the role and found out that it wasn’t expecting as much as I had feared. My role simply involves advertising the hall through social media, attending meetings and taking minutes and organising the monthly producers markets and any other events people would be interested in organising.

All of this has been going quite swimmingly since about August and this month has given me the opportunity to launch a new advertising venture for the markets…..’Stallholder Showcases!’

My idea behind this, came from realising that most people who see the market advertised may not necessarily realise what is available to purchase and also advertise our producers for th excellent produce they create – which in turn boosts their popularity and providing a backstory to their produce! πŸ™‚

For my first venture, I chose Helen who runs local business/venture ‘Chronicle Cakes and Crafts’ – Helen works with Pyrography, a wood burning art as well as working with her mother to create some fantastic baking!

Not only was this a first for the market advertising but also my first time recording and editing film. My comfort lies much more with audio so was a little daunting but by keeping it simple, I’mquite happy with the end result. Follow the link for the video and written interview. πŸ˜€


Title inspo credit: Mamma Mia

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