‘Cause we’re all stars for one last night for all of time, a hundred years, a million more


I’m pretty sure this is the word to sum up life at the moment!

I think, for as far as I know this is the first time I have truly been completely happy with the way my path is going without any questions, doubt or worry of what may happen or what is to come.

Late last year, I took the chance of applying for a job. This job was to work in a Primary School – the first job I have applied for that didn’t directly relate to my degree. The job would be Clerical and Classroom Assistant. At the point of applying, I did not hold out much hope of being offered the job, let alone be offered an interview.

Since leaving university for the 2nd time in 2017, I have strung along seasonal job to seasonal job, with the same fear of having no ceratin income through the winter months. At the same time, I was prospectively applying for job after job that in some way was media related.

Until, *this* job popped up.

I decided that I’d done enough complaining about living in the beautiful place I do, and only I could change my outcome. So, the application was sent and the wait was on. To my surprise, I was offered an interview for both positions!

The interview came and lasted a whole 15 minutes! A 15 minute interview for 2 job positions! I walked out of the school and thought, well that was pleasant and awaited the phone call to tell me whether or not my life was going to change.

Even up to the point of receiving the phone call, my mind as set that I would be offeered the clerical position or nothing at all. Surprise surprise…..”Miss Dickinson we would like to offer you the postion of clerical assistant. We would also like to offer you the position of classroom assistant!!!!”


So now, I am happy to say I am a fully employed, salary earning, full year employed, functioning adult!

Plus I can still put to use the skills I have learned from my degree within my office job including running the school’s blog πŸ™‚

And who knows, I may even have the time to start up this podcast I keep endeavouring to do as well as continuing with the fire service and other part time jobs of course! Who needs time to rest? πŸ˜‰

Life lessons learnt…….

Always stay positive, things will slot into place when they are ready

Never underestimate what you are capable of…go for the opportunities that you talk yourself out of, most of the time those are the ones that are right for you

Believe in yourself!

Surround yourself with love and support and never forget that they are there for you no matter what ❀

Title inspo credit: Take That – Everlasting

One thought on “‘Cause we’re all stars for one last night for all of time, a hundred years, a million more

  1. 😊
    Not matter how many times I perchance to find something new, I still find time to sit and spell and admire you more and more πŸ’•πŸ™Œ


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