Take the time to waste a moment

In this crazy old world, it is too easy to forget to take some time for ourselves. I am a doer and by this I find it all too easy to say yes to things to occupy my time. Whilst at university the first time around, completing my 3rd year not only consisted of doing my degree but also holding 2 committee positions, one of which involved running a sports team, I ran my own radio show, competed with said sports team, got elected as a member of the student council which also included attending regular meetings, ran in the elections to become a full time officer once I graduated AND still managed to uphold a decent social life, find time to fit in friends all on top of graduating with a decent degree! PHEW! And I still don’t know how I managed it >.<

Anywho, this is just the way I am and now away from university, I find myself trundling along adding to my pile of things to do…at present, I work full time in a B&B where I also help with their advertising as well as now being a volunteer with the fire service. As well as bein appointed in the last couple of months as the Secretary of our local village hall. Now that might not seem too much but here on Mull everybody wears many different hats and gets involved with anything they fancy.

As much as I enjoy all this responsibility, my mind is always on the go and with early mornings and late finishes at work it is sometimes hard to fit it all in as well as balancing your personal life.

Being a member of the fire service has opened up an exciting door within my life and even though I completed my training in May, it was only last weekend that I was able to attend an actual incident. Because of our location, the majority of the time we get called to stand down before we reach the accident. On top of being called out, I’m learning new skills each week through our training nights which are always exciting opportunities!

Over the last few months, I have plodded along being busy but finally found space ‘to take some time’…..

Despite going travelling a couple of years ago and various trips to London to see friends, I haven’t actaully just sat and done nothing. So last month,Β  we took a well needed break and went on HOLIDAY!!!!

The weather was amazing, I jusmped off a boat into the sea for the first time and survived, I saw Turtles for the first time and even managed to see the World Rally! I couldn’t have asked for a beeter week and after all the massages and relaxtion treatments I don’t think my body was ready to back to the everyday grind πŸ˜€

But not only did the week give me space in a new place, it also gave me time to refresh the old noggin and start looking at things from a new perspective!

Here’s to the next few months….

Title inspo credit: Kings of Leon – Waste A Moment

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