Wake up kids, we’ve got that dreamers disease

Well a big hearty hello to you there Two Thousand and Eighteen! As if it’s nearly February already!

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I have reworded and re-typed varying cover letters for a ticket outta here. Still struggling along with having no idea of what I actually want to do, the last couple of months have consisted of trying to search for prospective jobs and answering the awkward questions that go along with them. I’m actually preferring the applications that just ask for a CV and cover letter, because at least then I have fewer parameters of what I can write πŸ˜€

Although the actual process of job applications is getting easier, once I actually find something I’m interested in, the actual day to day stuff is still a struggle. It’s easy to forget that there are so many people in the same situation, trying to find and apply to jobs but when you keep getting no’s or have a breakdown over one simple question, it’s personal. Here’s a few things I’ve been trying and have worked out through my struggle….

1. Savings don’t last forever

In December, I quit the one job I had. Since I got back from uni in July, I have had 3 different jobs. The first 2 finished because of the end of the season which I left early for the prospect of another job which would see me through winter and to save up to move away when the opportunity came. BIG MISTAKE!!! The job I moved to wasn’t the best, with no gratitude from the owners and really not good pay. Therefore, I cut my losses and took the jump. Optimistically, I hoped that it wouldn’t be long before I was in a more permanent job and the savings I had managed would see me through. Hahahaha, my car has since decided to fall apart on more than one occasion and life has it’s wicked way of throwing everything else at you. So now, not only am I looking for a permanent job but also something to bring those savings back up….

2. Cut back on social media

This is something that I’ve read elsewhere and something that has been a definite help. I wouldn’t say that I am a huge user of social media (maybe except from Instagram, but who doesn’t like looking at pretty pictures? πŸ˜‰ ) but having a clear out really has cleared some mindspace. It’s sort of like tidying your room in a way. So, I went through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and tidied out those that I don’t speak to or am ever likely to see, from going to different universities and living in different places, you pick up random friend requests which you accept out of politeness at the time. But as your life goes on, you subconciously compare yourself. Things like ‘oh, fancy new job’, ‘nice car’ and then your mind goes on a wander and you sit there stewing thinking about what you don’t have, forgetting the things you do have. So yeah, soz to those who wanted to keep in touch but I’m doing me πŸ™‚ (see point 5). Also, the less things filling up your feeds means less time wasted scrolling bcause there’s less to look at #logic…

3. Get Out

Sitting around staring at a computer screen and digging myself deeper and deeper into misery has left me getting podgy around the sides and has reminded me that leaving the house is a good idea. Most of the time, I don’t mind going out for a run, but ver the last month we’ve had nothing but snow. Luckily though, the dog always needs a walk πŸ™‚ As I have no other reason for going out, and a trip to ‘town’ isn’t the most practical or thrilling, going out with Mylo is the perfect excuse to get this butt out in the great outdoors till the floor is a little less slippy to get back to running!

4. Change the way you look at things

I’ve always found it hard to sell myself or put myself forward in words and given that all applications have a written element as their basis, this is one big hurdle I have had to tackle. However, after about 5 cover letters that took 5 times the length of time they should have done to write, it clicked. Rather than trying to ‘sell’ myself, I should write my cover letters as if I was writing candidate points. So more like a profile of the sort of person that would be ideal for the job role advertised. Obviously still with my skills but it took the personal element from it and it made me feel less awkward about how I was writing πŸ™‚ Not so sure if it’s working though!

5. You do you!

No matter what happens in life, you are the only person you need to make happy. This is something I’ve only just started to figure out. It’s not your obligation to please everyone and if somebody doesn’t like the way you do things or your ideas about something then that is their problem. At the end of the day, your life is yours…to do what you want to do, to think what you want to think and to pursue the dreams that you have ❀

These little, I suppose you could call them life hacks, have helped. Some more than others, and there are still some days where I just want to curl in a ball and not get out of bed but as the New Radicals let us know, you only get what you give. So, as long as I keep pouring my heart out about how my skills can be beneficial to your company, maybe I’ll get an interview. And then maybe even a job and I can start living towards my future πŸ™‚

Title inspo credit: New Radicals, Get What You Give

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