Golden Rules to Gigging

Music has always been a big part of my life. At uni, we were always taught that the feeling of going to the cinema is like re entering the womb, a sense of warmth and completeness. The need to escape and be immeresed in a different world for a couple of hours.

For me, I think this feeling is going to concerts, gigs and live music events. For a couple of hours, you get to scream at the top of your voice till your lungs hurt and you have no voice. You can dance around and you are in a room full of complete strangers, who are there for the same reason, no judgement. All there for the shared experience and love for whichever artist is performing.

Now, I feel as though I’m a well seasoned gig goer and over the years, I’ve made my observations….

1: If you choose to buy a standing ticket, be prepared for the madness that standing brings…..this will involve pushing, shoving, dancing, accidental drink spills, accidental foot stomps, the works. If you’re not prepared to be up close and personal in the sweaty excitedness of a super fan, buy a seated ticket

2: If you choose to buy a standing ticket and want to be at the front, don’t be offended by the pushing from behind, particularly when the artist decides to come and greet the crowd – a bum in the stomach is not a comfortable experience

3: If you are short and like to stand but insist on complaining about not being able to see through the whole gig, speak nicely to the tall person in front to trade places or queue a bit earlier

4: You will sing along and you will realise how out of tune you actually are. Remember those days when you were young and recorded yourself, kidding yourself that you could sing then listen back? Yep, that’s the same feeling. Although weirdly, when the whole crowd sings along, everyone sounds amazing

5: Don’t get overly emotionally attached to songs – if they make you cry on the album you will cry when it’s sung live. In public. Not the most dignified look (yes this is a personal experience)

6: Unless you know for certain, which exit the artists are going to use and you have the time to exit the arena before they do, do not waste hours waiting for them to leave. Chances are, they’re long gone before you’ve even left the stage area. (Again a personal experience :/ 😦 )

But overall, just have fun! Live in the moment, forget your outside world, switch off your phone and appreciate what is happening to you at that moment in time. Nothing is ever better than knowing you have been a part of a live event, especially when you’re told your night was the best yet!


This post was mostly infuenced by my most recent experience seeing The Script in Edinburgh (minus the waiting around – it was a long day!). In one way, it sits high on my list of concerts I have been to. I have never been in a crowd where the singer actually steps back and lets the audience sing the beginning of a song, nor be so amazed by the response and amount of applause. But the crowd around where I was, has to be high on the list of the most annoying and self centred. Share the experience and share the love ❀

I’m now sat here eagerly awaiting November to come around for consecutive nights of The Killers!!!!!! πŸ˜€


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