Woah Caledonia’s been calling me and I’m going home…

Day 4 ✔

What. A. Day.

Staring off putting the finishing touches out  before the punters arrived, last minute security barriers, taping up, throwing in sand, making sure everything is safe.

The main event has started and it feels so amazing to know that all that hardwork we’ve put in over the last couple of days was all for this.

I even got a chance to sneak up on front of house and shadow the sound guys do their thang. Dancing and singing my heart out to Dougie Maclean, Tide Lines and Peatbog Faeries. To know that the stage they’re standing on, the ground the audience are standing on has all come about from 3 days hard graft is so overwhelming!

It’s now 3am, I’m just back from the pub where friends were playing a set before they’re time on main stage tomorrow and I’m back on site in the morning. Hebcelt, I think I may be coming back ❤

Title inspo credit: Dougie MacLean, Caledonia

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