Days of the young and the free

Day 3 βœ”

Another glorious day and the chance to go explorating.

After heading into town to buy a postcard I wandered the streets back to the harbour and sat watching the seals and seagulls take their chances with the Fisher boats. The seagulls definitely got the better end of the deal considering they can actually make it onto the boats πŸ˜‚

The seals just played around swimming from boat to boat, friendly enough to take home as a pet.

I took a wander up to the castle and through the museum, gawking at history and admiring the architecture ending up in quite possibly the poshest Starbucks I have been to!

As the morning had passed by I headed back for some lunch and an impromptu hour nap, which thankfully after I’d woken, it was still sunny and the forecast rain had not appeared. I took a stroll down to the shore path and looked out over the ocean, watching as the clouds started filling in. I think the rain is on its way 🌫🌫

Title inspo credit: Tide Lines, Another Day

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