The sun splits the sky today, the sun makes me feel fine today

Day 2 βœ”

So it seems the precautionary midge cream needs to be replaced with suncream πŸ˜‚

I’d never have thought that ending up in the outer hebrides the sun would be so blissful! 20+ degrees has now provided me with glorious tan lines just above my wellie boots and under my shorts, maybe one day I’ll be able to catch the sun evenly!

I’d also forgotten how late it stays light the further north you get, walking home from the pub in broad daylight at half 11 in the evening was a new experience.

Today saw the building of the island stage, adding finishing touches to the main stage and enjoying the sun 🌞

Hopefully it sticks around for tomorrow’s day off 😎

Title inspo credit: Skerryvore, Summer High

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