What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

Hello and welcome to my brand new site!

You may be confused why I’m calling it brand new when there are posts from all the way back in 2014! Well it’s called back dating 🙂 I figured I needed a space where I could keep all my work in one place and voila here it is. But I didn’t want to waste everything that was already out there by deleting it so I transferred it all to here! In other words, a mountainess amount of procrastination!

The beginning of my masters poject and also the end of lectures is very quickly looming! We have 10 weeks to complete the project and the fact that yesterday was the first time I managed to create a mindmap of ideas for said project and the start date being Monday, I’m not in a confident position!

My last post was about how I was to spend my easter and eager excitement. I’m devastated to report that my anxiety got the better of me and resulted in just one interview!

Arriving on the island with all the pre-production, risk assesments, questions and kit, I rocked up on the first night and it all went really well. I managed to conduct the interview, record the whole set (albeit the end wasn’t such a good quality as the pub was much more full) and walked away happy.

However, Friday night, the second night, had a completely different atmosphere. Although I’d seen pictures of the bands I’d planned to interview and had been in contact with them, I couldn’t recognise them in person and the place was packed!

I set up at the bar to record but I was only picking up the sound closest to me. Then to top it off, I’d left my kit boxes in a corner away from damage or so I’d thought. I went over to take out spare batteries to find a woman had put her empty cup on it. Fair enough, I moved it off and continued. When I then decided that I wasn’t going to get the audio I envisaged, I returned to my kit to pack away and the same woman had a whole drink on the case! Incredible! She’d seen what was in the box and still felt it was a good idea to rest a drink on it. Her response….”Oh sorry, that was me again” I did refrain from throwing it in her face!

So, after perservering for an hour I knew that I wasn’t going to get audio of good enough quality and I wasn’t enjoying myself. And as my favourite saying goes, don’t do what doesn’t make you happy; I decided to call it a night and go off and enjoy the festival for myself.

On my walk back to my car, all kit in tow, I couldn’t help wondering again where I’m going with life. I made the decision to come back to uni and if I don’t have the confidence to go out and undertake interviews that I am quite confident in planning, in a setting that I am familiar with, how am I supposed to do it as a career?

Despite the dissapointment in myself from all the planning that I had put into the project, I was happy with the outcome of the interview I did manage to record. The interview was with Ho-Ro and will be played out on birst.co.uk in the first Friday Show of this term (19/05/2017 7-9pm)

I also managed to take some photos of their set and I’m no pro but they didn’t come out too badly! 🙂

Title inspo credit: R.E.M, What’s The Frequency Kenneth

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