You’ve got the whole world in your pocket but you just don’t know….

Yesterday was the lauch of, the online station that we run as a part of our Masters course.

My role is Head of Online Content so I was involved in picking a new site template, all content to appear ready for the launch and keeping the social media accounts active.

As everybody else breathed a sigh of relief after the show was broadcast yesterday, I was and still am faffing around with how the website looks, making sure that everything appears and uploads at the correct times. I have a busy few months ahead filled with anticipation and excitement at what we can achieve as a team but also my own goals and achievements.

I still need to have so much more belief in myself and realise that I am capable of so many things than I think! Which this course and new friends are slowly making me realise 🙂

Keep an eye out and tune in to BIRSt for new and exciting things!

Title inspo credit: MIKA, Live Your Life

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