The Beckham Brand

It seems I have neglected this over the last couple of months but in a way I also haven’t really had much to talk about. Or much free time come to think about it.

But term is over, assignments are handed in and it’s Christmas next week!

Over the last couple of weeks I have accomplished a 3000 word essay, a 3 minute audio piece, finished 9th out of 107 people in a university trampolining competition and survived a night out in a new place with very little geographical knowledge without getting lost or losing anyone I was with!

And now that everything has started to slow down towards the end of the year, I finaly have time to think and waste trawling the internet and reading worthless articles.

One which caught my attention today was the release of Cruz Beckham’s Christmas Music Video. Supporting all kinds of 90’s cheese, rolling around in glitter and shy glances at the camera it made me cringe. I understand it’s in support of Global’s Make Some Noise Campaign but I just feel the Beckham’s are kind of stretching their family fame a bit too far.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the Beckham’s. I was just as much in love with David as a child as any other girl was (I even had my very own David Beckham Man U scarf) and I’m not impartial to singing along to the Spice Girls every now and then but it just feels as though they’re guiding their children into anything to keep themselves alive. In my opinion, the video is just a big ball of cheese but hey, I’m’ not the famous one and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be picked over any of their chidren in any type of talent competition.

Opinion over cast you’re own 😉

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