We’ll see again those summer days and the summer island air

The majority of my summer was spent within the grounds of Duart Castle. My summer job consisted of serving millions of tourists all visiting the landmark on the Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland.

Although the majority of the time I was stowed away in the tearoom baking and serving the varying customers, there was the rare occasion where I escaped up the hill donning the most fabulous Clan Maclean kilt! Not ideal for wearing whilst covering a shift in the tearoom on the very rare days that summer decided to show its warmer days!

However, whilst hiding out in the ticket hut, there was perfect opportunity to learn some history about the castle, the Chiefs of the Maclean Clan and make friends with good ol’ Sir Lachlan himself.

At the end of my season, I felt it would be nice for some of this history to be shared. So a massive thanks to fellow co-worker Carol for taking the time to sit down and be recorded telling us a little bit more about those wind beaten walls.

My personal favourite will always be the tale of Lady’s Rock.

If you find it within your hearts to donate a few pennies to keep this hstoric landmark standing follow this link…..http://www.maclean.org/duart-appeal/ Tapadh leat πŸ™‚

Β https://soundcloud.com/sarah-dickinson-943141070/sets/duart-castle

Title inspo credit: Skipinnish, The Island

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