Row around Mull: Behind the Oars

All the way up in the highlands of Scotland, lies a small village called Dervaig.

For a while this was home and I was accepted into a part of their community. This community stand beside one another through good times and bad and when a problem occurs, a solution almost always arises through the love and help of these very people.

This problem lay in the state of Dervaig’s Sports Pitch

Used as a social area for the children, the pitch’s surface was not child friendly. To buy and resurfce required a huge amount of money. This money was raised by community held events and fundraising activities. One of which involved participants of Mull’s Rowing Team and a few extras rowing around the the entirety of the island.

Spread over the course of a week, this was accomplished. I got the chance to chat with a few of the partakers

Row around Mull

My favourite thing about sound is that when you really pay attention, there is so much to hear and chatting to the rowers, it is clear how passionate they were and how much of an impact it had on them to be involved in such an amazing feat. The sense of community is also so clear. The adoration in their voices when they spoke about how ‘people’ were around to support and motivate the whole way through.

All the efforts put into raising the money were succesful with the new pitch being laid right now!

Yay for people 🙂

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