And still I hear the pipers curl, in the summer island sky

After several months of serving the Pipers and Dancers soup, tea, coffee and cake, today I finally managed to skip out of work for 15 minutes to go and record them.

It was amazing too for the acoustics to be amplified by the density of the Banqueting Hall. It was a relief to be told they were playing inside as opposed to out in the courtyard where all kinds of outside sounds would also have snuck into the recording!

I always find that the bagpipes evoke some sort of emotion which I don’t quite know what. Since visiting Scotland as a child and attending various interpretations of highland games, I’ve always been fascinated by the playing and the dancing. I’ve since had a desire to learn both although I’d probably end up sounding like Ross from Friends or looking like a giraffe on ice!

Anywho, here are the basics of what I have recorded in the hope of creating a bigger project before I leave the island in a couple of weeks time!

Title inspo credit: Skipinnish, The Island

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