The Story Behind “The Spirit of The Tour of Mull”

So around about this time last year, I made the realisation of what I enjoy to do and where to start heading with my life. After completing a 3 year course specialising in Television studies, my last project taught me that my heart lies with sound.

After enjoying recording, producing and editing audio whilst at university, I decided that this was my path to take. This lead me to come up with ideas of mini projects I could create whilst living at home.

Now, home isn’t the most ordinary place. Not long after I moved to university, my parents moved to a common holiday destination of our childhood. This place is the Isle of Mull, a mediumish island off the west coast of Scotland. When I heard the news, after being brought up in a town close to major cities and a bus every five minutes, I was uncertain as to how I would cope. At the beginning it was a struggle but after 3 years of slowly getting to know people and finally moving back for more than a couple of months, I started to find my place.

Every year, Mull holds its own closed road car rally. Before we moved, I had no idea what this was. And even after we had moved I had no interest. Until I started talking to the locals. I was then warned that once I had attended the rally once, I’d always want to be there, and guess what – they were right!

This then became my inspiration. A huge first step was to start talking to people and move out of my comfort zone to find out what I needed. With a little help from the people I did know I slowly started to bring together a handful of people willing to have a microphone thrust in their face and grilled about their experiences.

After not so long, I was ringing up people from tip offs and driving around the island to meet complete strangers connected by one passion. At one point, even being mistaken for the BBC! Ironically though, the BBC were also recording a documentary of their own so the more ‘popular’ competitors I spoke to were ready prepped (and some even prepped by me for the BBC).

It soon became clear how much the rally means to those who visit and also those who live here. People travel to be a part of ‘one of the best rallies in the world’ and it’s so inspiring to see how even in times of competition and wanting to do their best, everybody is so relaxed and welcoming. And even more so in times when things don’t go quite as planned. One big community held together by the love of one shared sport.

After the initial nervousness and awkward first few interviews, I soon found my stride and going out on my own proved that all it needed was a bit of confidence which I now carry with me. Although I had no idea where I was going when I started, deciding to ask everybody the same questions was a major saviour when it came to editing.

Over the last 10 months I have had a constant personal battle of coming and going, being motivated and inspired and then hitting a wall thinking what I had was not good enough. But finally, it has some resemblance of making sense.

My end goal was to try and capture the aforementioned spirit and to me, sound is such a powerful medium. So much can be expressed in such a subtle way and anybody can listen to anything whenever. It’s not perfect and with such little time I had of being able to interview everybody – juggling working two jobs at the time, the few days in which the ‘competitors’ were actually around and finding quiet enough spaces to record. There are so many mistakes which I keep picking up on but a mistake made is a lesson learned and I know what I need to do for next time.

Even now as I write this and upload my very first individual piece of work, the butterflies are jumping around my tummy and so many anxieties are spinning around my head but here it is……

Here’s to Tour of Mull 2016

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