Money Money Money, Always funny in a rich man’s world

So it’s come to the time where I need to start thinking seriously about my masters!!!

Over the last couple of days I have trawled the internet and applied for every scholarship, bursary and a loan to help cover the costs!

Most have asked me to write about myself and sell myself or provide reasoning as to why I should be awarded their money. Possibly the hardest thing I find is to sell myself!

However, I broke my boundaries and have managed to mumble together some words eligible for their applications.

I did manage to find a more easier way through FindAMasters. Their approach is to upload a photo encompassing my vision of what postgraduate is to me. However, that was the easier part. The next is to gain enough votes for my photo to be considered for the Top 10 and move into the next step of the competition.

So here is my plea….

I am competing against probably hundreds of people from the UK and overseas. So if you are reading this, please check out my photo and it would mean so much to me to gain more votes and enter the Top 10.

My masters is a huge step in my life to hopefully kickstarting my career so any help towards it would be gratefully appreciated.

Please follow the link below which will take you to my photo ❤

Title inspo credit: ABBA, Money Money Money

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