The rumble strip clack and the rattling frame beat out a pulse on his head. The engine hums, a humble tune, a melody of rubber and lead

Since going on my travels, the yearn to go further and to more places is strong. The peace that comes with the drifting of going from place to place with no rush for anything is so enjoyable and it’s so nice to relax and just go wherever your feet and mind take you.

I’ve just started a scrapbook of all the little things I collected and the stories from each place and it’s amazing how much more I am remembering about each place now I’m writing it down compared to when I’m telling people. In a way, I feel this is better than keeping a diary when I was actually travelling as it’s nicer to think back about the good and not so good bits. However, I do feel I am now one of those cliched people whenever I have something to add to a story by going “when I was in such a place this happened”! Slightly annoying myself!!

However, whilst getting creative with my book, I remembered one of my assessed audio pieces I made for uni and I can now understand the enthusiasm and excitement behind everybody’s stories.

The memories you make are usually the ones you remember when least expecting to. You start telling a story about one thing and your mind wanders back to something else that happened that makes you smile or you see something that triggers something you did or saw. I saw somebody post a picture of a sunset in Florence and this reminded me of my surprise of seeing it on my way back to my hostel from the train from a day trip to Pisa. Walking back along the river, I looked behind me as it was just setting in the horizon causing the sky to be orange but the moon was also rising in the opposite direction right behind the Ponte Vecchio. In the moment I thought how beautiful it was, but it will always happen that way as the river flows east to west! To make it even nicer, a woman was proposed to right as the sun was setting! πŸ™‚ The sunrises weren’t too bad either!

Whilst trawling through my old work I also found the first ever audio piece I made – an advert for drink driving #cringe!

Title inspo credit: Noah and The Whale, Tonight’s the Kind of Night

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