I’ve been around the world and now I’m back again….

Ok so maybe not the whole world but for the majority of April I spent my time travelling around chosen cities of Europe, starting in Amsterdam and ending in Valencia. I travelled alone and had the most amazing time, using trains as transport through Interail and even managing to tackle metros and trams without getting lost!! (A major achievement for me as many times I ended up walking the wrong direction because my map was the wrong way round!! :D)

Many experiences occurred, including being followed around Naples train station, being invited into a strangers house in Florence, various sunsets and moonrises, exploring Valencia by bike, receiving strange looks for wearing shorts when everyone else is in hats and scarves(!) and even locking myself out of my hostel room!! All of which have made the bug to travel even bigger and the want to return to places and explore even more! And even though travelling alone causes a bit of homesickness at times and the attraction of overly interested Italian men, it allowed me to wander aimlessly and not worry about anything but myself and what I wanted to do for 3 whole weeks! ❀

Whilst away on my travels, I received confirmation that I have been accepted to study my Masters at Bournemouth University, starting in September to study Radio Production!! Hopefully this will lead to a huge step to my future. In light of this, I’ve decided I should perhaps start to create my own portfolio and have today managed to create my first upload to my soundcloud. Over the coming weeks, my aim is to edit down all the shows I have from my time at CSR and even try and create some new projects to broadcast πŸ™‚

Keep those ears peeled!!

Title inspo credit: Marti Pellow, I’ve Been Around the World and Now I’m Back Again

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