Pompeii: 17/04/2016

The story of Pompeii has always left me in awe and it was amazing to finally get to visit!

The history boards around the walls add even more amazement to the story which I already knew and the fact it is in such condition is just so bizarre!

And of course, I got lost a number of times. Although it’s not so hard when there are no street names or indicators on the map as to where you are!

However, I almost didn’t make it due to being too eager on the train out of Naples and assuming that the first stop would be Pompeii! Still grateful to that young Italian for pulling me back!

And just to add to the adventures, I starred in my very own version of Taken! You know that feeling when you think you’re being followed? Well I was, around Naples train station. Luckily I found the police (who couldn’t understand me and no matter how I tried, couldn’t make it out in Italian!) and hung aound the office till my train was due

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