Venice: 15/04/2016 – 16/04/2016


I took the night train from Vienna to Venice and after eventually getting used to the motion of movement whilst trying to sleep I arrived in Venice.

Unknowingly to myself, Venice has 2 train stations and I was to get off at the first.

The train announcers repeated the stop in Austrian and Italian but not English so after the second repetition of the message I realised we’d stopped at my station.

I hurriedly gathered all of my belongings together, mostly still unpacked and rushed off onto the platform.

After packing everything away, I wandered to find directions to where I was to stay, back tracked my steps to the way out past the train I had ust left – a whole 10 minutes after getting off! I would’ve had plenty of time to re-pack and disembark!

After finding my way to the hostel and changing into appropriate day clothes I headed off to Venice city centre, wandering aimlessly along it’s streets! ❀


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