Pick yourself up and search for the light hungry for a new start, it’s your chance now to stand up and fight. Take the next step now a day at a time…

Well it’s been a while… A new year, new decisions and new adventures.

Within the last week I’ve taken a plunge and decided the way forward is to go back to uni and study a postgrad in radio production! After half heartedly looking through job adverts and volunteering opportunities, one after another not having the effort to go through the long haul of application processes, I decided that if I couldn’t be bothered to apply then my heart isn’t in it.

Since an unsuccessful trip to Edinburgh uni for a course in Sound Design, I set myself the boundary that if the next open day at Bournemouth didn’t appeal then that would be the end of my university journey. However, surprisingly, I actually felt at home in the town, wasn’t intimidated by the campus and actually found interest in the course.

Admittedly I did throw a hissy fit and started to feel the anxiety creeping in when there wasn’t anybody to talk to about the course instantly, but after meeting the course leader and speaking to two current students, all anxieties ceased. Although there is still the slight uneasiness that I’m not going to cope and it will be a big mistake! I won’t know unless I try!

Now on to the application process where I have to sell myself……..

How do I make somebody understand what it is I want to do when I don’t know?

How do I make myself sound appealing?

How do I do that in over 1200 words?

If I had to write an essay on anything in the world, no problem. But about me?! Hahahaha this is going to take while.

However, in the more near future, I’m embarking on a journey, by myself, around Europe, for a month! Exciting and slightly nerve racking especially as it’s down to myself to get the right trains at the right times in the right direction! All very thrilling ๐Ÿ˜€ It’ll also give me the opportunity for a new audio project, simply recording my travels and see what I can mix together into a montage once I’m back. Forever in the long game of scraping together a portfolio! ๐Ÿ™‚

And on my return, I’ll be starting a new job in the beautiful Duart Castle!

Onwards and upwards and hopefully I’ll keep writing a bit more often! ๐Ÿ™‚

Title inspo credit: Take That, Let in the Sun

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