One day I’ll fly away…..

So here I am, back home for the foreseeable future, university a gradual fading memory and the drag of working to live ensuing!!

Sure I have plans, working towards paying for my postgrad (if succesfully accepted!) travelling around Europe in March and then going back to uni in September 2016 although as I was recently told, my ideas of how my life is planning are ‘romanticised’!!

Okay so maybe I am still COMPLETELY naive in my persepective of the world but as these are only ideas that I wish to pursue and expand my knowledge and experiences along the way, I think it is fair to say that I am allowed my views and opinions and to be changed along the way as I find out how things go.

I often think that the way I think (ha funny) is unique to myself. I get confused easily, embarrassed, retreat into complete meltdown and panic until I can find a way of getting myself out through one way or another. It’s a constant struggle of how to act with people, affecting my relationships, my behaviour and the way I look at things. So yeah, I may daydream and romanticise but at the end of the day, I try to achieve what I want to do!

Living on an island has very few perks and the confined spaces only have a limited amount of time before cabin fever sets in so counting down the weeks to graduation (7!) and plans of the future are a perfect escape! It even means I’m getting too emotionally attached to Made in Chelsea! :’D

From my confession, I continue to dream….

Title inspo credit: Moulin Rouge, One Day I’ll Fly Away

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