If you could look into the future would you?

It’s been a while but what a busy time it’s been….

It seems I always turn to here whenever I feel like procrastinating. This time it is from packing up my life for the last time to move from Canterbury. After three years, it seems to soon to be moving away. Although there is more optimism than I had imagined as I now have my plan for the next couple of years!!!

So many months were spent fretting towards the end of my third year, just because I had no clue about where I would be heading, and for anybody who knows me that is a major deal, unless it is a surprise everything has to come all wrapped up in a plan.

Several weeks were also spent doubting whether I had chosen the right degree, my lecturer even asked whether this was where I really wanted to be, a bit late to be asking with only a couple of months left!! But in my last practical, I took the chance of trying out another new role and to my surprise I actually enjoyed it.

My heart lies in Sound – I probably should have realised this sooner considering my love for radio, music, editing and that weird intriguing feeling I felt the first time I went to a concert and saw all the technicians running around. My goal now is to explore as much as I can into this and to start I’m going to specify my study with a postgraduate degree! Who’d have thought 4 years ago when I was debating going to university at all, I would be extending it?!

My first exciting venture into this is being asked to help with sound and lighting within a play held at the cathedral tomorrow. Hoping all goes well, I think this may be the start of my new dream 😀

Between now and Sptember 2016, the world is my oyster; literally, apart from working to be able to afford the postgrad, I aim to go interrailing through Europe, and have as much fun  as I can, including going to as many music events as possible!

Title inspo credit: MIKA, Last Party

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