What goes down must come up…

Those very wise words…

Day 2 filming started off well. We managed to use our room that we had scouted at uni (an old court room) to start our second day. After much adaptation of lights and backgrounds we were happy to start filming. Until after 2 seconds of rolling there was noise outside the door! A lecture was about to start.

In no time at all we managed to vacate the room including both cameras (fully set up on tripods) all sound equipment (including 2 gun mics) lights, people and ALLLL the boxes and bags we had on top of that. Despite the hardship of having to leave, I did feel slightly amused as the door we left from was opposite the door everybody else was comng in. I felt as though I was in my very own reality comedy :3

We proceeded to our second location and again everything was going well, we were outside and the sun was shining. But then…? The mics stopped working! Luckily it was only our radio mics that were the problem and we managed to switch to gun mics. Although this resulted in our unfortunate sound assisstant volunteer lying at the feet of our presenter.

Nevertheless the rest of the day continued without a glitch and we finished just as the sun was starting to set leaving a wintery evening feeling. Home to pancakes!!

2 days down – 2 to go. Thursday is looking optimistic πŸ™‚

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