When your guard is down and you’re hand in hand will you understand how lucky we are, it’s been a very long day…..

Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who find an opportunity wherever I can to quote song lyrics – to caption images, when somebody says something and it reminds me of a song – off I go….

Today’s title comes from one of my favourite songs off the new Take That album Believe. Not only is it the longest title I have used on my blog but it also sums up my day.

I’ve been giving myself quite a hard time recently as I know how much I have to do and so little time. However, today, I realised how lucky I am (this is now going to turn into a diary of my day – enjoy!)

I woke up at 8:30am ready to collect the camera equipment from uni to start my very last TV project! I arrived at 9:10am thinking I was late and we were meeting at 9. I then realised I was wrong and we had agreed to meet at 9:30am. Nevertheless, I sat and waited for everyone else to arrive (whilst also coming round to a Monday morning after sharing 3 bottles ofwine with my frined last night!)

We then set off to film and for once, I felt everything went according to plan – Day 1 went down without a hitch – only another 4 to go!! :L

I then had a meeting with another group for university and our plan and presentation is oh so almost watertight – woohoo!! The joys of working within a group mean spread responsibilities but also means relying on these people to get the best you can and also not feeling as though you yourself have done enough. I can’t wait to see the final product!!

Then it was hometime – time to catch up on other ongoing miscellaneous work listening to CSR where my friend (star of this morning’s filming) played my request and gave me a cheery shoutout (kind of made my day :P) It’s the little things in life 🙂

Which brings me to now. I have been in just under an hour after walking home in the ‘refreshing’ rain from my penultimate Trampolining session before our national competition at the weekend! Not to get too big headed  but I feel ready now and can’t wait for the weekend. As President I am filled with so much pride in how far the team has progressed and I know they will do so well at the weekend!!!

So yes, my guard has been down, yes, I am hand in hand with my life and content with where I am and where I shall be in the near future, yes, I understand how lucky I am and yes today has been a very long day!

This is a big thing for me to admit and I need to stay more positive, sat here writing this now on a cold wet Monday night I will remember this moment and say chin up and move on. As a good friend once said, what goes down must always come back up…..

Day 1 filming complete – new lessons learned – role on day 2……..

Title inspo credit: Take That, Believe

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