Danny Macaskill – Inspired

Whenever I go home, my parents always share programmes with me that they have watched and know I would be interested in. Over the christmas holidays, they introduced me to Danny MacAskill. Danny is a trials cyclist and a documentary about his film The Ridge amazed me but also made me consider my doubts about my future as well as realising how studying television has broken me!

The Ridge was shown as part of a documentary made for The BBC (Riding the Ridge). The documentary laid out the aim for the short film as well as showing all the televisual/filmic technicalities behind the shoot. Skye is a place I have visited and with my own experience of  living in the Western Isles of Scotland, I can appreciate the tedium of constant chaning weather. One vivid memory was driving down hill past the Cuillins and the wind being so strong against us, the car hardly moved!

Watching the documentary and how thilling it is has re-inspired my dying flame of wanting to work within TV. At the moment, sat in lectures I feel as though I have lost my interest with being there. But then seeing this, makes me remember how much I enjoy to be outside and the joy of seeing a piece of work come together. Perhaps it is just the studio that is getting me down and my passion is with on location filming. The cutting of the documentary shows exactly how hard it is but also rewarding to produce something so unpredictable. The capability of not only the subject but also the crew as highlighted in The Ridge shows how everyone really does need to get along and how much trust is enstilled within each other. The skill of Danny is amazing enough but for the crew to be able to stay in focus, following constanlty and still managing to get the correct shot is incredible.

However, watching the break down of how it is all put together also proves to me how my mind now no longer works as a viewer but a maker. After seeing the documentary and then the film being shown at the end, my mind was still stuck on the camera positions and noting how many cameras were shown in the documentary to produce the shots then shown within the film, particularly where Danny rides over the tree trunk and flipping over the fence.

Storyline is also a key point within the film and as expressed within the documentary, they wanted to tell a story of Danny coming from the sea and going on a journey ending again on the beach. Personally I would have like to have seen him back in the boat and rowing away again at the end! 🙂

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