Marriage Minglers….

So it seems love has taken over pop stars ❀

Two of my favourite bands have recently used weddings as the basis of their entertainment avenues. Gary Barlow has tweeted a competition for couples to tweet him for him to perform at their wedding, by surprise. And now Maroon 5 have used a similar concept in their new video for Sugar, turning up at unexpected weddings by surprise around Los Angeles.

Now although in the case of Maroon 5, they are being creative within their video choices, it seems the line of performance and audience is now more open than ever and the artists are reaching out to their fans. In a way this all just seems like a gimmick to me to keep themselves in the public eye and nothing ever seems to be enough now but in the same way, if that’s what they enjoy doing then what’s to stop them. Apart from fan rivalry….

It’s just a shame I’m not in a state to get married or live in Los Angeles!! πŸ˜›

Although the fact that Barlow advertised this for fans to ‘stalk’ him does seem slightly concerning, after all isn’t this what they try to avoid. Back in the 90’s they were trying to get away with this and fans camping outside their houses but I suppose times ahve changed now.

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