It’s come to that time again where I really should be finishing off work but somehow it is now 5:08pm and I cannot even say what I have done today.

Anyyywaaayyys, whilst scrolling through facebook for the millionth time, I noticed a link someone shared and had to pursue….

Disney always mystifies and inspires me through the characters or the storylines and in my first year I was ecstatic with the fact that we had a whole module on the beginnings of Disney and the Hollywood studio system, something that really interested me.

Another thing that always amazes is what is picked up by different audiences and how innocent we are as children, so certain aspects of comedy or narrative just go straight over our heads but watching back as adults astounds us at how they made it to final cut.

Plus the fact that Disney are so cunning with the reusing of scenes such as the space scene in Toy Story and the lake in The Bug’s Life and costumes as pointed out in this article with Timon and Olaf. Also the reusing of dance sequences in Robin Hood, Snow White and The Jungle Book and the sneaking in of old characters within new films or new characters in old films as if they were there as a beginning of an idea or cast off to come back to once they had a story!

Mind Blown!! ๐Ÿ™‚

And to think, it was all started by a mouse……

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